Selecting Interior Furniture Correctly

While you may be tempted to hit the local sale, carefully considering the interior furniture you select is much more important. Here’s how to do it better.

Interior furniture is any type of furniture that you place throughout your home. This furniture has several things that you should consider. First of all, it is designed to keep the look and the feel of your home the way that you want it. It should reflect the decorating style that your prefer. It should also be as functional as you need it to be. That may mean in size and in use. Finally, the interior furniture that you select should be of the highest quality so that you get long lasting beauty that is well worth the investment. Is that sales ad going to give that to you?

Let’s Talk Style

The first thing to consider about the interior furniture that you select for your living room, kitchen or your bedroom should be that of the style it offers. If you will be creating a room in which you need to feel comfortable, you need to look for the types of styles that make you feel that way. Just walk through a furniture department store, but do not look so much at the furniture as you do the decorating styles. Do you like a Shabby chic look? Or, are you looking for a formal, traditional look? Selecting the style that fits your needs will provide you with the best possible furniture.

Next, consider the function of the piece. The interior furniture needs to function in several ways. It should fit well within the room that you want to place it in, in the matter of size. Crowding a room with too much makes it overwhelming. Second, it needs to provide for enough seating for your family. If you have children, look for furniture that is stain guarded and easy to take care of as well. The function of the pieces of furniture should also help to enhance the items such as wall coverings, carpeting and other elements that you already have. Or, you’ll need to replace these.

Finally, consider the quality of the interior furniture that you place within your home. The higher the quality of the item, the better the piece is for an investment. Look at how the product is put together, nails won’t cut it. Look for durability, stain protection and how authentic the piece is to the real thing.

When you put all of these elements together, you will wind up having the best type of product and interior furniture available. Taking a bit more time to select it will make sure that it fits well within your reach.

A Look At A Fewpopular Home Decorating Styles

Styles of decorating that are popular in the consumer’s mind are always undergoing contant change. Most people want their home to be totally up to date when it comes to the latest in fashion ideas. It is fun and interesting to know about the latest decorating styles and gives you lots of things to talk about when discussing your home. Once you have decided to redocorate one of your rooms. be it the living room. kitchen. bedroom or another room. you will want to review the decorating choices available today. One or two of the latest styles will defintely have an appeal for you.

Traditional Decorating: the first style you should consider is the traditional style because it is one style that never goes out of vogue. Traditional is based on the styles of royal decorating. early American decorating and other related “formal” styles. You would use traditional in the upholstery. window treatments and the accents throughout the room. This is a style that is not cheap to duplicate; traditional furniture is usually the most expensive type of furniture.

Shabby Chic Decorating: there are those who believe this is the best decorating method. Light colored walls and furnishings. the look of antique china and warm. comfortable pieces are the hallmark of the shabby chic style.

Contemporary or Modern: this style is marked by bold. bright colors. furniture that serves function before form. and straight. architectural lines in both the furnishings and the art.

Art Deco: is related to modern but usually with lines that flow smoothly instead of having a a stark. angular quality.

Rustic: based on the feel of a cabin or a southwestern motif. rustic is warm and inviting. Woods are used liberally. and the furniture is laid back and comfortable above all. with pillows and throws strewn about.

French Country: one of the most popular decorating styles. French Country is known for bright colors and a light-hearted. almost fanciful spirit to it. The woods are usually of rich tones such as cherry or other fruitwoods. and bright.colorful art is seen throughout.

You are sure to be able to find a style among these that will suit your home. and the selection of decorating items in each of these styles will make it easy to convert your home completely.

Bring A Room To Life With Texture

The elegance and sophistication of the past was achieved by blending textures and fabrics. The home decorating industry strayed away from this as homeowners demanded furniture and decorating ideas that would last for years.

Today’s home decorators are not limited by stereotypes. They do not limit their creativity and design ideas by trends or styles. Instead, they incorporate a little of everything into a room that evolves into an expression of their lifestyle and personality.

This has pushed decorators and furniture companies to stretch the boundaries and bring in innovative combinations, color hues, and creative ideas to bring a modern feel combined with a homey atmosphere to the average home.

Current trends have seen furniture that combines leather and fabrics to create a completely new feel. The furniture grew in size, and was over stuffed, and then returned to a more manageable size. Today’s furniture is taking on a more natural look. The modern designs in plastics and glass have given way to leather, natural fabrics like silks and cottons, and hand painted designs on wallpaper.

This trend toward natural is reflected in wall treatments. Grasscloth is a beautiful, natural fabric that lends itself perfectly to Feng Shui or natural fabrics. The wall murals and repeated patterns are giving way to natural fabrics, grass, silk, embroidery, and wood. Other new innovations are panels.

The most popular for this year is a plum red, stark, bare apple tree, with rich red blossoms, on a pumpkin background. This beautiful hand-painted silk panel wallpaper is meant to replace both wall treatments and artwork.

However, homeowners do not need to invest thousands of dollars on a wall. The mass market manufacturers are bringing out paper versions of these wall treatments. They are also bringing out silk surfaced wallpapers.

DIY, Do It Yourself, has been growing for years. This lends itself perfectly to recent home decorating designs. A few hours research on the web and through high-end home decorating magazines, will eventually reveal the mural of your dreams. Once that is found, it can be drawn onto large sheets of paper and traced onto the wall, then hand painted.

Oriental painting is very simple. It only requires a few complimentary colors, and incorporates large brush, smooth even strokes with minimal shading. A few hours practicing on newspaper will give any DYI enough skill to paint a mural.

A Demask stencil, stucco, and a stiff sponge brush is all that is needed to add texture to walls. This is technique has been around for a few years. A new twist involves buying sand from a pet shop, the kind used for fish. Buy natural, sterile sand. This will reduce the risk of bringing mold spoors into the home.

Once a thin layer of stucco is applied to the wall, then use a stiff brush to apply sand into the stucco. The stucco should be colored. In 2005 the stucco would have been a burnished gold color. In 2007, the colors would be red/browns, plumb reds, gold tone neutral hues, and greens, depending on the room.

Contrast is added with polished metals. This rests the eye, and draws it through the room. Home decorating with textures is about minimal and simplicity. Just add a little in out of the way places. Place textures behind large furniture. Add texture to lamps, in carpets, and lighting.

This will let home owners decorate their homes, keeping them up to date year after year, without needing a full-home renovation to add life to their home.

A Look At A Few Popular Decorating Styles

A Look At A Few Popular Decorating Styles Popular decorating styles are always changing. Is your home up to date on the latest fashion trends and decorating tips?

Popular decorating styles are fun, interesting and they just add something to talk about to the rest of the home. If you are considering a redo of your living room, your kitchen, your bedroom or virtually any other room in or outside of your home, consider some of today’s more popular choices. You are sure to find one, or two, that you really love to use.

Traditional: We have to start with the traditional look because it just does not go out of style. Here, the look is furniture that comes from the Kings and Queens of yesteryear, early American trends and a wide range of other formal styled items. You are looking for traditional to come through in the upholstery, in the window treatments and even in the accents that are placed around the room. Traditional is a style that is highly expensive to pull off with exceptional quality furnishings.

Shabby Elegance: Who’s to say that this is not one of the best methods of decorating. The look is that of chic, something that features light toned wall and furniture colorings, old china pattern looks, warm yet comfortable pieces that create a sense of relaxation when you look at them.

Contemporary: Modern contemporary looks have always been in style in the last decade. These looks are influenced by pieces that are bold and bright, different and unique and are functional yet are also more of a piece of art as well. You will find straight, clean lines in the furnishings and walls here.

Art Deco: This popular decorating style is one that seems quite a bit like the modern contemporary yet it has a more flowing look to it. The lines are not as straight, but rather are curved.

Rustic: The look for the log cabin is not gone. In a rustic Southwestern feel, you will have woods used of various types. It will have a laid back feel with warm throws and soft, comfortable furniture. The color scheme here is that of warm, rich colors that complement the woods.

French Country: This is a very popular choice in decorating styles. Here, you will have many bright colors and will have that feel of whimsical dreaming. Wood finishes are done with fruitwoods and cherry. Art work with color is on the walls.

One of these popular decorating styles will work perfectly in your home. There are plenty to select from to help you to transform the look for your home into something that is amazing.

Spanish Style Home Decorating

Spanish style home decorating is a great way to get a rustic but colorful look in your home. This style, popular in the south, is really suitable for any area and can add a unique touch to any home.

When you want to decorate your home in a Spanish style, you will have a lot of fun. The Spanish style is very interesting with vibrant colors and textures used within it. You can bet that no matter how the home is decorated, you will need to incorporate the sense of family and community into the design. Take a look at how you can easily incorporate the Spanish style into your home. It can be really easy and fun!


One easy way to incorporate Spanish style into your home is with the use of family photos. You can use photos that you have taken yourself to get the task done. Simply choose various types of photo frames and put out your favorite pictures of family and friends. You should add them to each room to give the home a really comforting feeling.


When it comes to Spanish colors, you should think about using bright colors like red, yellow, orange, and blue. You will be able to bring out the Spanish dcor elements with these bold colors. Be sure to add a beige or white to the mix as well to give the colors a nice background.


Although it really doesn’t matter what type of furniture you use when you are using Spanish style home decorating, it should be comfortable and casual. Unless you are decorating a formal dining or living room, Spanish styled furniture is not overly formal. So be sure it is comfortable and big enough for everyone in the family to lounge on. Spanish style uses a lot of dark woods – worm wood in particular is nice.


Use Spanish accessories to add an authentic touch to your dcor. Grill grates and other accessories that use wrought iron can add a great touch, especially if they are vintage. Spanish pottery is another item that can be displayed in any room – on shelves or hang plates on scrolly plate hangers to give a unique homey feel.


A Spanish style looks great with rustic tile flooring. Not the shiny porcelain stuff but the big reddish tiles with dark grout. Also, hardwood floors can go wonderful with this style. To soften up the room accent it with Spanish style rugs.

When you choose to decorate your home with Spanish style home decorating you can bring the elements in without spending a lot of money. You can simply add photos of your family, bright colors and comfortable furniture to get the look you want.