A Look At A Fewpopular Home Decorating Styles

Styles of decorating that are popular in the consumer’s mind are always undergoing contant change. Most people want their home to be totally up to date when it comes to the latest in fashion ideas. It is fun and interesting to know about the latest decorating styles and gives you lots of things to talk about when discussing your home. Once you have decided to redocorate one of your rooms. be it the living room. kitchen. bedroom or another room. you will want to review the decorating choices available today. One or two of the latest styles will defintely have an appeal for you.

Traditional Decorating: the first style you should consider is the traditional style because it is one style that never goes out of vogue. Traditional is based on the styles of royal decorating. early American decorating and other related “formal” styles. You would use traditional in the upholstery. window treatments and the accents throughout the room. This is a style that is not cheap to duplicate; traditional furniture is usually the most expensive type of furniture.

Shabby Chic Decorating: there are those who believe this is the best decorating method. Light colored walls and furnishings. the look of antique china and warm. comfortable pieces are the hallmark of the shabby chic style.

Contemporary or Modern: this style is marked by bold. bright colors. furniture that serves function before form. and straight. architectural lines in both the furnishings and the art.

Art Deco: is related to modern but usually with lines that flow smoothly instead of having a a stark. angular quality.

Rustic: based on the feel of a cabin or a southwestern motif. rustic is warm and inviting. Woods are used liberally. and the furniture is laid back and comfortable above all. with pillows and throws strewn about.

French Country: one of the most popular decorating styles. French Country is known for bright colors and a light-hearted. almost fanciful spirit to it. The woods are usually of rich tones such as cherry or other fruitwoods. and bright.colorful art is seen throughout.

You are sure to be able to find a style among these that will suit your home. and the selection of decorating items in each of these styles will make it easy to convert your home completely.

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